Thursday, April 9, 2015

a tint of light and space

wow, is it that long since i've published photos around here? almost a month.
not that anyone would notice, except me, haha.
as i just finished indulging into a golden apple from the local farmer's market, guilty, guilty, i know, i look at these photos that i took in the last month and i realize that my passion for white is greater than ever, call it obsession if you may, but it truly makes my world go round and happier.
i cannot see myself living in a room that has all sorts of mixes of colors and patterns and not at least one big window with tons of light. i think i would genuinely be like a flower with no drops of water on the ground.
that makes my search for a good/ok/humble/balanced money-wise studio/room in london. my departure from my hometown is closer than ever, huh, in about 3 months i need a space in which i can function and start from 0 and i must feel at ease, otherwise how am i supposed to work and breathe and enjoy my life, right?
i'm grateful i had the opportunity to lay my eyes on a couple of no. of cereal mag, of which i hope i can enjoy more once i set my thing straight in london, until then, s, you're a ♥.
my wardrobe is a bit restrained at the moment and it comes down to black and white, more and more. here and there a hint of colour, on a backpack or socks or eyeshadow. and that's just fine.
as for jewelry i still have to -educate- myself into wearing them more often, i'm still a kid often and i just buy them, admire and leave them on display. mhm.
i also keep saying i need a new black hat, i have a brown one and a bowler black one, but i need a slightly bigger one in black for the spring/summer/autumn season. h&m has the perfect ones, i just have to get there.
duly noted.
and between these cold mountains i keep waiting for spring to come and i trick myself with hints of cerisier that you absolutely fall inlove with.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the meaning of light

details of these february days that made my eyes and heart happy to be able to photograph them in between lights, home, like mom's constant "madness" to bake yummy things that make me sin, i confess, darn it. like the carnations i was lucky to found just in time for her birthday and their spring-y scent, the moment kinfolk arrived under my finger tips thanks to a kind man, the divine flavour of fresh strawberries and the joy of buying the first fragile snowdrops.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

tales from a nordic room

this is the tale of one of the moments when i stick my clumsy pale nose into making a tart out of the ingredients that simply pop-up in my head: cottage cheese, vanilla, stevia, eggs and a lot of yummy yummy thoughts and desires to get and know more about the beauty of styling.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

decomposing beauty

i slowly teached myself to seek what i need in the smallest of detail(s) and it always pains me when the flower petals are starting to leave their head down and fall, one by one.
and so i foolishly imagine i bring an homage to the beauty of my white bouquet of tulips, taking my phone camera under each possible curve and shape their green and white has.