Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreamland sparkle.




      Each day passes by so quickly I can hardly get to feel it. Soon the vacation will be over and will begin a new year full of black paths, but.. it's coming even if I want to or not. Anyways', when I fly through all these beautiful clothes and accesories, when I see a pale pink, a black, a white or a coral spot, it wipes every sad part of this life and takes me like a tiny child into Dreamland. I would wear them all my entire life!

      A land where dreams are endless and thoughts can fly far away, feeling a drop of purity and loveliness around my eyes and ears. It must sound foolish, but it is something magical. And this kind of encountering takes place each day, some moments that dissapear like a sparkle. And it's not a fairytale. I wish... It doesn't matter what I wish, as it never get to happen'.But it's beautiful to dream and wish. It's the most pure thing you can do with your heart and mind.

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