Sunday, August 9, 2009


  Oh, well. It's 5:43 am and I still didn't slept at all. This image should represent how yesterday had to look like. But it ended up more then just this adorable mess!I had to go with a friend of mine, she didn't catch the train, I ended up in Cluj alone. So far so good, until I felt kind of sick, alone..and turned not so good. But let's say in the end the adventure had a nice ending, beeing a co-conspirator to a nice surprise that my neighbor gave to his girlfriend.

It was nice to see that a guy still care's about the details in a relationship...Too bad those guys are "SOLD" or in a far corner of this world...

Coming back to things that don't hurt so bad on long term, I got to see the new collections from Zara, Pull&Bear, NewYorker, and I was surprised in a good way. Now I've falled inlove with the Pull&Bear collection. It could be my wardrobe for my entire life!

  In the end, I'm going back to Cluj again, my family doesn't even know:)), they'll just know by the note I'll leave. Hope they won't hate me and swear me.  I hope this day will end nice and peacefuly. That's all I need...

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