Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day passing.

      This day started with a nice long rain.I always end up saying I love rain, cause it's romantic, gentle, and it makes my skin so pretty! But of course, you need to have a soulmate, to feel it romantic, other then usual. Nevermind this side, it always gives me sadness and dissapointment.

     So I guess I should go on with typing some papers I received, to help a friend of mine finish writing the pages of a book, given by a priest that is close to... ending. :( Talking about more positive things, I'll be out with Simo, check up her new house, since she's moved out with her boyfriend, serious stuff:), and we'll chat like girlies do and hope to laugh a bit, sincer I'm a rare case in the public world.

     As always... Well...this it!

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