Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hot&Rocking Amber Heard

Amber Heard for Details October 2009

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Awesome inspiration.

Fashion Week Street Style

Amasing and uber-inspirational.

PS: You just can't stop falling inlove with those high-heels!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All the beauties...

   All the beauties...


     These days away from home were heavenly. Even if it was the 7th time I went to Bulgaria, I tried to find new things to do, starting with some new spots: Sunny Beach, Burgas, St.Vlas and Nessebar. We had a huuge luck with a nice, warm, perfect weather, even if it was the end of September. So thanks' God for this:)! I picked some pics to add them here, I could say words are useless. The sea itself has something special, impossible to ignore. It gives you the sensation of freedom, peace, not to mention the awesome feeling you get when you lay at 6 a.m. on a lonely beach, hear the seagulls singing, talking between them:) and instead of the overcrowding, the sea is whispering her song.

Yet, for a moment you feel like a stranger in those places, miss a bit ur room, ur space, home, the place you feel urself. But in the end you feel ok, knowing you can do whatever you want in these moments, scream, cry, nobody knows you, nobody is staring at you, critising every little thing, or if you're straight or mess' up, fat or slim, blonde or pink.
I always apreciate this quality in the other countries. Here in Ro, everyone is soooo superficial, sometimes it makes me cry, being sick of all mean things.
I know, I'm not suposed to be so weak, not to listen to all what they say, etc.
I have to admit I felt sometimes the absence of someone's hand to walk with, someone's lips to kiss at the sunrise, someone's arms to embrace me when the cold morning  wind whisper's around, and caress and giggle because my cheecks  get red after I warm up. It was inevitable, seeing all those couples passing by.
I really wish I could have enough money someday, to travel 10 months from 12, even if I'll be alone. It would make my soul feel more peaceful, thing that really matters for me, for everyone I guess, or at least that should be the thing that really counts in life. Still inevitable small stupid things always get in our life...

Being back home, I hate that sad feeling I always have when the days are passing by, I'm back to my old routine, the things remain the same, the loneliness settles in again, soon the college is back, the calm evolution of all small things dissapears, and I always end up saying " All beautiful things come to an end".
I feel a bit guilty I ended this post in a sad way, but I'm keeping the nice things, those landscapes that make ur breath stop two seconds.
I'm sorry I'm always the melancholic type, but I don't mean to end this way. .. I guess only I can understand me.

I'll always keep these moments alive within me ... 
PS: I even met an adorable cute puppy !
PS2: This song is inspiring me.. at this moment.

Missy Higgins - Where I stood

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lazy Oaf.

These wonderful things could really make our day way sweeter :)
Me wants all these!