Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blind night.


     I haven't slept all night. Again. My schedule is upside-down. Hopefully until college begings I'll enter the normal way. I forgot a thing to do. Deanne asked me to post/take photo of the postcards that are on their way to USA, so here they are.

I'm a bit sad I didn't find something more interesting then a usual postcard, not to mention those 2 were hard to get too.
This night turned out pretty nice, since I've started chating with a guy who was on my friend list for about 2 years now and we never talked. Groovy, right?:) Anyway, he's single too, not so dreamy as me unfortunately ( by the way, will I ever find a guy with imagination and dreamy thoughts? Impossible, right? I thought so too.) but has the angs to take me out and chat more. I don't have the courage to go out with him, yet. I know, never say never...
I took a pic to Bibi, since she was laying so cute on the desk, on my bag.

I also have a retake' to my 'zines, 3 books from Marc Levy and I still want to read over and over again "L'imperfezione dell'amore", I adore this book! It's still wierd, since... this book was ment to be given as a Valentine's gift, but never made it... 

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addicted said...

thank you sweetie :">
and please iesi cu tanarul baiat, try to be happy ;)
Am sa beau ceva bun si taaare pentru tine! :D