Tuesday, September 8, 2009


    I haven't slept a bit. Yet I'm not too tired. First I'm glad my kitty is sitting next to me, on the desk, she's resting, lucky her :)!
I really didn't thought writing on this blog would be so difficult, really. I mean... when I didn't had a blog, I was willing to write novels, books or whatever it gets to fill all my words, thoughts, crushes going through my mind, my heart... And now? Oh'boy, lack of inspiration is my name since this blog was created.
I don't get it, what happen'd? Guess I'm always good on complaining, right?
   Still I'm glad, really glad I have the chance to discover new/different photos, inspirations..daily, wonderuberfantastical is this internet or "Father Google" :).

  I'm acting like a kid. I'm stupid.
  The last days have been quiet, cold, I'm glad autumn is coming, finally. I rather be cold and be able to get warm then revers, when it's that sufocating heat.
  I'm prepared to open the forbidden box inside me, take out and type it here, to clean myself, still.. I'm a bit afraid,yet. I'm afraid I'll release the "monster" I've been hiding deep inside, running away from pain.

  I really hope all this will finally help me.
  In the meantime, I'll just enjoy Bibi, my mint tea and tiny dreams.

  PS: Happy B-day to all Marie(s) all around, including me:).


10ThMuse said...

happy name day to you! i really love your blog, keep writing :D are you from Buc?

TheDreamer said...

Hey, thank you for the greetings!
It's kind of..nice seeing somebody is waisting her time reading my..dreamy thoughts?

I really apreciate it!
I'm far away from Buc, Bucovina Land sounds familiar?:D

PS: I have a long term since I'm receiving feeds from ur blog, so keep on the good job you too!

Nighty night there 'Muse!