Monday, October 12, 2009


 Yes... I'm seeking the nice things beyond the imperfections, yet even now, when things are looking well, going in a right direction, I'm afraid.. still afraid.

Did you ever felt afraid without having a major reason? That's how I feel these days. I mean... I'm happy that things turn out right friday ( Thank you God for that and Chriss too!), yet I'm like..expecting something wrong, bad, ugly to happen. Don't know why but it scares the hell out of me. 

... no more complaining for this morning, I'm off with my shuttle service for college, another tiring week. I don't know, I hope and I know everybody's having a nice week, right?:)

credits: Boubou


nookie said...

don't be pessimistic dear,think "happy" thoughts...have you seen The Secret?

TheDreamer said...

In my tiny ignorance, nop.

nookie said...

eu zic sa il cauti:)
poate asa te vei fi mai optimista...
trust me:D