Sunday, October 25, 2009


To be honest, I'm not that person who likes to stand in front, be in the spotlight and stuff, but since KO was so nice! to choose me too, I'm following the orders :)

The rules

1. thank whoever gave this to you 2. copy award 3. post it in your blog 4. tell us 7things that your readers don't know 5. link 7new bloggers 6. notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog 7. keep being awesome!

So thank you KO, you were very sweet  ^.^ !

1. I'm a fulltime dreamer. Wait, I guess you already think I am, right?
2. I have a kitty named Bibi :)
3. Sometimes I buy stuff just because they look so sweet! Stupid, right?
4. I  Coke! Bad bad behaviour, I know..
5. I listen to different types of music, according to my state of mind, reading the lyrics and knowing if I find myself in that "story".
6. Sometimes I loose myself in that story too much:) getting to listen to one song on repeat for days! It happens to other people, right?
6. I'm not desperate in love, I just need to share all my dreams and beautiful things with a person who feels the same way too...
7. I  everything related to fashion, I find myself in every spot where I can be dreamy, creating something beautiful and wearable, that's why I'm trying to find a place where I can continue my studies after college. Hard time!

Now that I bored you enough, my winners are..
Tam tam tam!

1. The best thing about me is you
2. 10th Muse 
3. Fashion in my eyes 
4. Daydream Lily 
5. Have you met the Hatter? 
6. MGB 
7. Verde Ursuz

PS; I'm sorry that only 3 links are working, I tried to make it alright, but it didn't work out.

Like the 7th rule says, keep being awesome!


addicted said...

Done :D
thanks again sweetie :*

Vlad Gabriela - Maria said...

Thank you very much for picking me and my blog. Your blog looks awsome too *:^

TheDreamer said...

Nothing for, you deserve it!

Mad Hatter said...

Thanks again darling :*
Hopefully I'll survive past the 15th of November and will be able to reply :D

TheDreamer said...

For nothing 'hun!
I'm having a hard time too.
You'll survive, cause you're the tought Mad Hatter, right?:D

nookie said...

awww,thanks so much,love your blog!!!!
you have a cat name bibi and I have a dog name fifi:)

Anonymous said...

aww no problem dreamlover;) who doesn't ♥ a great song on repeat???! xx