Friday, October 2, 2009

Green eyes. Smile.

   Nice sayings, right?

The other days I was walking around a supermarket, when some really nice songs came whispering my ears. Songs about love, wich of course I prefer to avoid, but this time they made me dreamy... without hurting. Walking between the shelves, I noticed a long figure, dark hair, warm eyes passing along me. My eyes falled down, part-time shy as I am, but until he could be far away from me, the green eyes were lifted up  and our looks came across like in a tape that stopped, crashing into a sweet smile... he towards me.. and I.. towards him.

It was a really nice sensation. And it's not the first time it happen's to me. It's some sort of wierd things that happen to me. I hope I'll write more about them. Nothing SO special, yet.. special in way, at that moment.

And then you fall into one thought... in what different ways can a simple gesture turn upside down your whole day.

Credits: BouBou

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