Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peaceful thursday.

And a cold one too. At least I'm home, sitting in my humble room, in my half glimmer blue light, making anyone who enter's this space... dreamy. I think it was ment to come off this way.

I was dreaming again on the train, towards home. Dreaming.. how awesome would be to have enough money to buy all the books that send a sparkle deep inside when you read their first lines or in some cases, just their simple title.  Well... dear dream, can you give me "The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel", "Lolita", "Sex, romance&bestseller's", "Anonymous manuscript", "Magic", "Twenty Something" and.. mm.. that's it for now, I guess.

I'm not demanding at all, right?:)  I have to confess I often feel so lame, so little, when I read different blogs and everybody's talking about their "book list". Everybody has an infinite list of books already read? Shame on me.

PS: Kitty's calling, gotta go now!

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