Tuesday, February 9, 2010


do you ever feel alone? I feel like that, most of the time, I guess. is that making me a wierd girl? I know, probably the endless depressing, sad and pessimistic her. as me. you know! anyway, I was longing to tell.. you, I guess... that I miss reading a book, but not in these circumstances, not feel so stupid, so..no nothing, stressed like hell. I would give anything to know I'll get out well from the last test, tomorrow. really. to be able to feel free again to dream.. no nightmares, no crying, no smoking. just peace. just... me, my dreams, some nice words ... and the missing you. I know I'm boring talking like this, but there are moments when I feel the need to put down these words. that's why I was thinking the other day.. and many other days, while looking at other people in the bus, that I should start writing a book. but I don't know why someone could be interested in buying and reading my reckless thoughts. and now I realise.. that my book, my story would never have an ending. I hate endings. ok, the happy endings are nice, I want them, but to begin the rest of the story, the happy part, you know? wanna make a happy ending?


... I know you can't hear me. but  I miss you since I knew you're there, somewhere ...


addicted said...

YOU are not boring, stop it!
Respira.. au trecut atatea vor trece si astea, va trece si testul de maine si va fi bine, you`ll see!! :*

addicted said...

Heeei!! cum fu`la ex.?? :D Sper ca foarte bine .. :*

A Dreamer said...

hei :*
it didn't go that well, ce ne asteptam sa ne dea nu ne-a dat si.. am scris cate un pic din fiecare :(
dar .. nu stiu daca-l iau. profesorul nu e tocmai painea lui Dumnezeu, u know.
Urasc sa ma plang ca un copil de 2 ani, lame me.

multumesc c-ai intrebat, tight hug towards Is ( or Sv?).

addicted said...

Iasi ..
Nu esti singura care se plange si eu ma plang, mult!! Cine are ochi si urechi sa asculte, sa fie pe faza si sa fie acolo " indura ". Si eu am profi cretini si-o ..bucata de restante nu neaparat din vina mea DAR ..cumva o sa fac/facem sa fie bine. ;)