Monday, March 22, 2010

a fugitive dream.

so let us heal our hearts.

-zbor la tine         

come at night with your heart broken
and sit quietly next to an angel
while I'll steal for some moments
your heart and fix it.
and then to let me kiss you with the wings inside me
huming a guitar song.
we were two jaded lovers
from so much love, so much peace.
I was writing poems on your skin
you were playing with the songs through my hair,
I smelled like wine and spring was blinking to us.

we loved the warmy mornings on your balcony
at the last floor
we invited the clouds at a coffee
and the angel was singing a serenade
there were perfect mornings, with divine embraces of the sun.

1 comment:

hain said...

foarte calde cuvinte.te infasoara cu blandete si te face sa tot visezi..