Wednesday, April 21, 2010


from the moment I felt the scent of Pure DKNY in a 'zine I knew I have to have it somehow. didn't you ever encountered a scent that makes you feel so good, so nice&smooth, that with just one pufff! ...ah. ok, maybe I'm just being the wierdo here, as usual. but this is how I can describe the feeling I have. and ...I'm also glad that I found this watch from the old town of Nessebar, old craving. at least these nice stuff make me feel like today has been okay.


Irina said...

geniale pozele pe care le postezi, imi place cum editezi. felicitari pentru blog <3
PS: DKNY is loveeee :D

M.M.E. said...

I love the photograph! I wish I could say I fall in love with fragrances all the time but my allergies are such that I can't wear any. :(

A dreamer. said...

Hei, sorry to hear that! :(
but aren't there any scents you like that are non-alcoholic?

A dreamer. said...

Irina, multumesc frumos inca o data :p.
Pure si Be delicious intr-adevar sunt love love!