Friday, May 7, 2010

because small beautiful things can make a girl a bit happy.

well... since big dreams are so hard to become true, I try each day to make at least small dreams come true. and so I found on a local shop my perfect glass and teacup with floral print, along with some old tiny table cloths and finally, since I've been searching it for so long! my humble "jade green" nail polish substitute. I'm glad my Vogue Paris arrived and I can also enjoy my lovely (again, I know!) floral ring from Mac'sAccesories and the musical one from CordonBleu. wish I could find more, but most of us always find ourselves limited by stupid things like money, cause time we can find, if we want to. and yea, I know, my camera sucks, I'm tired of dreaming of a SLR one.


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

Small things DO make everyone happy. Oh, and we have the same color nailpolish, I'm actually just wearing mine now. Glad you're back to posting :)

A dreamer. said...

' glad too!
even if I was considering leaving the dreamland and only watch the rest of the people who have something to show, something to say for good, until I'll be worthly.

nookie said...

ai abonament?;;)
lovely nail polish:)

Faboulista said...

i love that nailcolour... just bought a similar shade yesterday. and i'm dyeing to get my hands on french vogue.

A dreamer. said...

if we could get our hands on each Vogue each month!
Nookie, I'm not that lucky, yet, somebody brought the 'zine from Paris.
And I guess it's becoming a jade-green-mania right ? :)