Saturday, July 31, 2010


- wow, you're alive! it's comforting knowing I do have at least a little bit of effect on you.

did you knew that we were supposed to have this conversation on a big white bed or on the floor, starring at the walls, with a moonlight?

yet I don't believe it was me causing that effect, we talked too "little". (silence)

... I don't know... (I'm looking into ur eyes right now).

great, if you falled asleep it's useless looking at you. then I'll just turn back my back and try to fall asleep.

- don't turn your back on me, I could look into your eyes.

or I'll hold you from the back…

- you could actually fall into them, you knew that? they're green but they're a little dark. I don't know if that's bad or not.

... (sigh) ok, I'm turning back with my face to you. so you weren't asleep. so tell me, how was it? I'm all yours.

or anything interesting beside chicks happen'd? (winking!)

- well, it was nice but it had to end early cause a lot of the people had to go.

don't say you're all mine, cause u make me nervous, I can't handle a girl. :-s

- when the right girl will say she's all yours, you'll know by your all that you can handle her, how you didn't even expected.

don't judge. just think a little and feel more.

- indeed, it would be an endless pleasure to feel you...

- but all my ears and eyes are still all yours. so go on!

- well the interesting part was at the beginning when the birthday boy was surprised to see us. and after, nothing really interesting.

- well... it depends on what you mean by feeling.

- whatever feeling you may think of…

well there's nothing to tell, just that they made me drink a lot of crap and sorry if I'm gonna say something stupid.

- told you to drink careful, if that's possible in this world?

- I always drink carefully, I'm not sick or anything, just a little dizzy.

- let's say I understand how you feel, even if I've never been drunk or dizzy. kind of an alien, but that's what I am...

- Kelly family had a nice song about aliens :p

- I see. so, now what do we do? we keep starring at the walls and talk random or watch Vampires&love stories or sleep or... ?

- now we have to go to sleep cause everyone around me is dead, and I have to die too. (tightest hug and sweetest dreams) :*

- so we're going to sleep, aren't we? this bed was actually nice! at least remain behind my back, to feel safe. good night :* (left cheek).


and the lights turned off.


Laura. said...

i was wondering if you would take the time to have a look at my poll to help me decide the name i'm going to call my new blog. i've already come up with a list of names, but need some help in choosing the best one! here's the link :

thankyou! x

A dreamer. said...

done! :)
hope you choose the one that represents you the most!