Tuesday, July 20, 2010

another year, another 22 beautiful wishes.

I have 5 final exams and a licence on my back, but 2(1)2 is coming and I'm so "good" at it ( you can laugh here :) )!

on other hand, I'm realising that another year passed by and I don't think I've made any of my "dreams" come true. so maybe I don't deserve anything, since I'm not able to do things, good things for me, for my heart. how fast time flies... sometimes I don't even know what's good or wrong, what to wish for and what to don't. what to fight for and what to let it go. even love many times seems like something so far away, somewhere in the depth of this universe, something only in books and fairytales exists, something like perfection, which doesn't exist. I come back to Earth brutally. auch, it really hurts. everytime. sometimes I even wonder why "love" was even invented? to make you become emotionally addicted to the other one? to find a reason to live only with him or his words in your monday-sunday living?

do we really need to enclose ourselves in the pattern others have created, in order to be happy, to feel like the years we're going through are valid, approved?


nookie said...

I avoided love for 20 years:)
spotted the Alexa:x
I'm not gonna wish you happy birthday today:D
hugs sweetie!!

A dreamer. said...

oh dear, I avoided her too for 17 years, but sooner or later she comes and she doesn't forgive.
and yes, Alexa is on top!
don't wish! tomorrow! :p
>:d< back!

addicted said...

La multi ani scumpa mea! De ce sa ma apuc sa insirui aici dorinte cand tu ti le stii? Nu-ti doresc decat sa ti se indeplineasca toate!
Bafta la licenta, oricum stiu ca te vei descurca foarte bine. :) Kisses!!

A dreamer. said...

multumesc frumos, dear >:d<
true what you say there!
momentan imi doresc doar sa trec cu bine peste nebuneala asta de examene pt licenta si apoi... cine stie.
thank you for remembering this day :*

Suflet naiv said...

Happy b-day dreamer!

A dreamer. said...

thank you for your wish, Sn!