Friday, September 17, 2010

should I run to Vienna?


nookie said...

ohh my, what a pretty new look!

Faboulista said...

if u have the time u should! u know what they say free time is the biggest luxury of all these days!
P.S. tocmai acum am vazut acel comentariu care mi lai lasat a while back la un post foarte vechi din septembrie in care imi spneai ca arat mai fresh si mai sweet cand ma imbrac mai urban boho chic. deobiciei do i look like a stuck up old bitch?
btw i'm not angry at all si valorez mult comentariul si opinia ta. de aia te intreb ca sa stiu how i'm usually pereceived by others. fii brutally honest cu mine k and give me all the criticism u can. i can only improve from that!

A dreamer. said...

Nookie, thank you!
Mina, I actually did run to Vienna, cause from Budapest is actually quite close, so it was unexpected, but made my trip even more beautiful!