Thursday, November 4, 2010

today I wish for

Topshop dress ♥ Dior shoes ♥ Diana Dreamer camera ♥ Miss Dior Chérie fragrance ♥ Pénélope Bagieu book


Faboulista said...

i love that top shop dress. it seems like it comes stright from the adams family doesnt it? its a wonderful magical piece.

Faboulista said...

btw where did u get your cute background for your blog? i've told u before how much i love your templates. i think u should help me design my blog. what do u say?

classiq said...

i love that camera

Fleur said...

Thank you very much for all the lovely and sweet comments you wrote me. I really appreciate them and I'm sorry you can't read what I write. You have an adorable blog and your collages are very nice, I especially like the dress and the Diana Dreamer camera.


Another dreamer

not wendy said...

"de gustibus non est disputandum"
Which you have. ;)

A dreamer. said...

we all love what's beautiful, right?

A dreamer. said...

Mina, my background comes from weheartit :), just browsing around.
if you think my style or type would suit yours and if I know how to help, sure.

Verde Ursuz said...

oh, I got Penelope's Cadavre Exquis from Jumatatea Plina bookstore, I want to write them and ask if they can also bring some other books. :)