Friday, December 31, 2010

the B side

this was the heaven of the B side. I still can't believe I was there, I haunted those streets, that room, that pink elevator :), those bridges, those lights. seems like this year went too fast. or maybe it's for the best. I realised that I never made resolutions, like many people as I can see tend to do. I guess anyway it would be in vain, since what I would've get there never came true.  on one side if you stop and think it gets scarry: the last day of 2010. it's not like it's a huge year, but it's another year of this so short life, when dreams and hopes are so many. I only wish things would depend more on us, on how we act, how we are. I was hoping NYE would catch me in another place, yet I'm home. I could say that I'm grateful for having my family around, for meeting (not so many) people that I can't believe they still exist in this (m)bad world,  but I don't. cause I've always learned on my own skin to be afraid, to not say loud the good things. it's like bad karma. everytime I am happy for what I have, what I feel, it's taken away in the end.

I only leave this:


addicted said...

E ok sa fii preventiv, e ok sa nu te arunci inainte cu, capul dar e si ok sa profiti de momentele ( scurte ) de fericire si sa-ti permiti sa fii.. OK si DA sa te gandesti ca fara putinele persoane ce le ai langa tine viata ti-ar fi intradevar un calvar!Eu-mi pierd o persoana foarte draga si mi-e ciuda ca nu am " proftat " cu tot sufletul de ea.. Eram prea trista si suparata ca sa deschid ochii si sa fiu recunoscatoare!Dar deacuma decat am sa am regrete pe viitor mai bine ma arunc cu,capul inainte, cel putin o secunda-s fericita! Cu TOATE te poti lupta dear doar cu moartea nu.
Si stii, uneori singuri atragem raul asupra noastra cu atatea ganduri si tristete.
Iti doresc ca noul an sa fie mai bland cu tine si sufletul tau auriu. La multi ani dear!:*

colorsdiary said...

la multi ani! sa ai un an bun!


Miss B said...

Si eu votez pentru profitat. After all, life's short si de fapt, the real, true, crazy life, aia in care iti vine sa te urci in tren si sa pleci doar pentru o zi la mare, in care dai drumul in supermarket la toate jucariile de plus care canta si apoi fugi, in care iti pierzi noptile la povesti in oras, le faci doar acum. pana la vreo 30 si ceva de ani.

Cum ar zice Gloria din Madagascar "This is daaa liiiife!<3 So so so, yes, eu zic ca merita sa te bucuri de ea. Sa iei decizii, sa te muti, sa calatoresti, sa iti schimbi jobul, facultatea, orice, acum e momentul. Plus ca, la cum arata societatea, cam astia sunt ultimii ani de glorie..

Sa ai cel mai fabulos an de pana acum :D Sa fie cald si colorat, cu multa dragoste, fluturi in stomac si lucuri grozave.


Fleur said...

Thank you very much for your comments. I love these pictures, and how cool that you've taken a picture of Rihanna in her clip! It matches the color scheme. You have a wonderful year as well!

a dreamer. said...

thank you girls for your kind words.
even if you may not believe it, even if none of us knows each other in real life, personally, for me, it means a lot to hear kind words from you.