Thursday, December 30, 2010


... somehow I managed to give my room that coziness (feeling) I imagine when I think of Christmas and lights and in spring I'll have to work even more on it. probably Santa gave me the opportunity to choose between a dream trip in 3 cities and a dream camera. to make my heart and mind feel better, I made it in the cities. I'm still  hungering for that dslr camera, but I'm not sorry I left. not at all.
once again I found out that a piece of me will always remain there. don't know why or how, cause I don't think my life would be greater there, I would have more money, more friends or lover. it's always that strange sensation that here the only thing that ties me is my family. I just hope someday I'll find my place, cause I'm sure I belong somewhere else, wherever that is.


Anonymous said...

so where did you go?

a dreamer. said...

Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

colorsdiary said...

you are so lucky to travel, hope you'll spend some great time! enjoy!

b said...

my favorite quote about "home is where.. " is "home is where you cat is", i saw this in Buc, waiting for the lights to go green, on a girl's canvas bag and i felt in love with it.

"home is where your cat is" for me has the meaning of comfort, cosiness and being loved. i guess whenever those feelings exist, there's home :D

PS: i always dreamed of having sparks of light like in the first picture, but this year wasn't their one. mnaybe next year : )

a dreamer. said...

thank you, but I already traveled.
wish I could be traveling for NYE too, but more money weren't invented for too many people, like us.