Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i'm just lost and tired.

i was thinking of writing here almost each day, if i feel the need to. not just posting pictures from moments in my life. i was also thinking on making a stop motion. i was also thinking on eating books on bread. i was also thinking of living a healthier life. i was also thinking i would try not to skip most of my master's classes like i did the previous semester. i was also thinking on not losing the nights on movies or whatever that is. even if i don't agree on wasting time on sleep, i know that unfortunately our body needs that night sleep. i was thinking many and doing nothing. it's like i don't even care about myself anymore. the minimum. and i know it isn't well, but it's like i have no power, no control over me.
i'm just lost and tired. and i don't know what to do.


miss b said...

well,nobody knows better than yourself what to do. but i guess somehow we all have moments like these. what helped me the most, and it was an advise i got from my philosophy teacher a week before the admission to the university, was to keep short plans. she called this the "small steps week". she said i shouldn't think about the exam too much, just keep in mind that i'm here, right now. so now i'm gonna study, then i'm gonna sleep, then eat, then watch a movie, then go have a walk, stuff like that.

i personally don't think it's a bad idea watching movies, reading, skipping classes (says someone who read only 50 pages for her graduation paper :) though it may be time consuming, they bring joy and inspiration and who knows what can you do. if it wasn't for time losing in this way i would probably be still working and the Parliament, doing nothing, instead of planing my own business. There are so many things to do in this world, so i'm sure that one day when you see a movie you'll have a brilliant idea about something you do best, and focus on it. Untill then, when in doubt, make short plans, write them down, draw hearts, numbers, flowers on that page and then follow them. : )

tea hug

Anonymous said...

Best piece of advice I ever got, next to miss B's previous comment: nothing changes UNLESS you take action. It can be small action, and I'm not gonna pamper it, at first you won't even feel any difference - but, in time, things DO change. You just have to make them happen. Lists are a good idea. You don't have to write them down if you don't feel like - you can mentally draw lists of what you want OR photoshop them on small post-its and put them online. I used to do that - write small resolutions and upload them on would think that's a waste of time, but when people reblog your thought and rely to it, it's very comforting and, I dare say - energising.

Do whatever you feel like, people usually feel lost or tired when they're growing up or soulsearching. And that's ok, cause, you know what, it may be your all times low, but when you reach surface, the world is beautifully brilliant and new. Good luck!

colorsdiary said...

i guess now you just need someone to kick your ass and tell you to take a step forward quickly :)
(sorry if I've been aggressive with the wording)

you surely would not want to spend all your life being like this, dear dreamer!

the notebook doodles said...

taking naps always fixes everything :D