Sunday, March 20, 2011

the tea house

so last time i went to the univ i had some time to go to carturesti and bricostore, where i got some nice flowers for my grandma, Taichi Yamada's Strangers for my mom, which i took from her one night and i didn't let it go until i finished it. it was very captivating yet with a not so happy ending.
another thingie i bought from carturesti is the i tea tote, yummy, cheap and good for the upcoming summer. i'm still working on having any sort of healthy breakfast in the mornings, but it's really really hard. maybe in time things will change, not only in the lifestyle part, but also on the heart side. i still hope. i don't care if they blame me for that.


Faboulista said...

carturesti is one of my favorite places to go to when i'm in romania. i really like the vibe there.
i was also trying to look at your bk but all i can see are apple slices which are healthy. i actually skip bk all together and eat lunch due to not having time but once i go on vacation i plan on starting my day with a healthy light bk. then i'll be off to yoga.

Meg said...

I love your blog,is reaxing!!!I'm a new follower,follow me back,if u like,on and let me know what you think about my last post!
Thanks babe!

a dreamer. said...

mina, i also do the same thing very often, unfortunately. but in the breakfast there are also orange slices. i just took what i had in home.

a dreamer. said...

meg, thank you. i'm checking.