Friday, April 1, 2011

by night

my home by night that is. i realised that Budapest still feels like home. it's a contradiction, cause i still have many many places to discover here or to just sit and feel the vibe. or the peace, while here, being a small city, i know with my eyes closed all the places and faces. it was also the spring festival, so the time was perfect. i'm already thinking on the next big journey: Paris.

ps: bibi's having a dream/nightmare :) she's so cute when she's moving or talking in sleep! sometimes probably she dreams about dogs chasing her, cause she's freaked out and scared after she wakes up in an instance and all the time i'm like: "bibi, it's ok, it's ok, calm down, you're here, with me (like a mommy)"
:) eh, just kittens talks.


colorsdiary said...

i never realized Budapest is so awesome! have i told you lately that i love your blog? sorry if i m boring you with that :(


a dreamer. said...

wait, cause i have more pictures to post about Budapest!
but i can't fill them all in one post cause it would be too boring and long.

you could tell me that each day or week. it would really motivate me on seeking the beautiful each day, even if my mood is quite the opposite!

thank you, denise >:d<

Anonymous said...

these are stunning!

Giuli said...

Great pictures!!!
Check it out sometime dear:)