Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm not that wierd to me

i really wish life could be all about spring, powder pink tulips, white vintage mirrors, love books and delicate gifts from beautiful inspiring people.
ps: don't you love bargains? i sure do. that nude trench, perfect for spring, was 10e, at the F&F line in Tesco, Budapest. can't wait to wear it!


Faboulista said...

we seem to be having similar thoughts. u tulips, me hyndrangeas.
spring is in the air and that makes two of us happy!

Fleur said...

I know I promised to make pictures of my holiday, but it was snowing all the time and there was no sun outside. I'm sorry, but I didn't make any pictures... I'll be making much more pictures in Paris, spring is coming so that will be an opportunity for some great shots!

I love bargains, they make me even more happy than to buy something for the full price. It really feels like you were really lucky. I love your background by the way, where did you get it?

kiran said...

Ive found lots of new blogs through your links, thank you!