Sunday, May 15, 2011


while others are soaking up the sun or being a star at Cannes, i was supposed to be one of them :) (the soaking sun, not the Cannes, of course) i was planning an escape at the seaside for the weekend, even if i had to spend 1 day only on the road, but hei, life gives you a beat on your shoulder when you least expect and you have to get down to scarsland. after a sad and hard to understand event, things aren't dreamy anymore. not even the weather is very helpful, but i do love more when outside my face isn't burning (do you know any remedy for that?), so that means below 25C, so right now it's half good half bad.

yesterday i went to an university conference held by a prof from Cardiff University concerning "Are We Really Lost for W[or(l)ds,]W[or(l)ds,]W[or(l)ds].(be.)com(ing)? The Credit(s) of Our Cultural Present." good point, right? right now i also saw that at the Planetarium we can take free courses of astronomy and observe different events, such as the almost perfect alignment of the Moon with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury, that will be at the end of may. since i was little i was fascinated by the stars, the galaxy(ies), it seems like a beautiful mystery. i hope i'll have the chance to catch some close-up photographs, i know they would amazing, just by its nature.

when i came home from the conference, i went to one of the flowertinyhouses in the city and buyed a pretty tulipbouquet and watched the eurovision contest. i can't say i'm superhappy cause Azerbaijan won, but their song, among with Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany and Italy were my fav. after that i couldn't sleep all night, because of a toothpain and hardly now i'm gonna eat my breakfast-lunch and have the yummy yummy yummy eclair dessert and check my feeds and probably watch the last episodes of antm, gg, vampire diaries, house, grey's anatomy, big bang theory and, the newcomer, mad love. it seems a pretty good show.

so, what's happening this weekend?
ps: did anybody find a real/good Midnight in Paris torrent? can't wait to see it ♥

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