Wednesday, May 4, 2011

life's like an hourglass glued to the table

we, plane, sweets and the rest of the world.

ps: the plane, the rose on my hair and the mini Eiffel Tower are all made by my dear miss B.


colorsdiary said...

very nice pictures, i love your blog (and i know i keep saying this:)

there is a certain gratitude I have for the fact you take time to post things here and might not be important or precious to you (dunno, rather not judge), but I do appreciate and like what you do here in your tiny house.

a dreamer. said...

oh denise, thank you for giving me those nice words (selfish me wants to hear that all the time, you know?)

i would want to post here daily or even more often, cause here i give all my dearest and personal thoughts and things. i feel really sorry that i don't have the means to capture them in the beautiful/professional way, but i still hope someday i'll be able to do it.

i just apreciate that you're taking the time to come back everytime, even if i don't comment that often. most people stop by once and if you don't respond or comment on their home/blog too, they will never return.
maybe they just feel and like different, i don't know.

colorsdiary said...

i never understood why people expect so much for comments and get desperate for not having them... truthfully, these days i m really thinking to turn off comments for a while again as it is not the purpose of my blog. when i started to write on the blog the comments were off for more than a year and it was fine for me. but hey, this is only my opinion...