Sunday, May 22, 2011

on sleepless roads the sleepless go

i still can't stop crying.

who's gonna come gently into my bed to fall asleep with me?
who's gonna scratch in middle of the night my door to tell me that she wants something yummy?
who's gonna be in one of these empty rooms to talk to when nobody's here?
who's gonna sit with me at my window at 6 am to hear the birdies singing and feel the fresh cold air?
who's gonna come to kiss my arm when i scream or cry?
who's gonna be at the door always waiting for me to come home?

look at her, how she sleeps. i just can't believe in an instance she... left. as i said in a previous post, i still don't understand while life's built in such way that persons in our life have to walk away. i hate the sentence "people come and go".

i'm going to miss you so much.


colorsdiary said...

>:< maybe a hug helps

addicted said...

Imi pare rau sweetie, te inteleg atat de bine ... :( >:D<

TaperJeanGuy said...

May angels lead you in...