Tuesday, May 10, 2011

rain till the last heartbeat

these days have been all about clouds and rain. is it wierd or bad to want more rain? maybe not. it's been a while since in our tiny city a new place came up: a small gelateria, where you can find all types and colours of delicious icecream and all kind of combination. i always choose the mint one with the crispy wafer on top . yumm.
i'm still longing for the camera and get my mom's mind crazy with it, i'm superstressedout with the exams and the projects that i have to do over night, cause at the very last moment some teachers came up with another project we have to do until 21 may and we will also having oral exam, which is pretty bad for me, since i'm such a child and i have tons of emotions and i make myself redorangelbue everytime and i'm afraid i won't be able to learn all needed. sometimes i just feel like giving up on all, since in this country you're worth the same with or without 2 degrees. i'm spending the rest of the day(s) searching for a job online or on local newspapers, but it's in vain, watching twoandahalfmen to laugh a bit, playing games with mom and sleeping with bibi.
i was thinking many times that i would love to do a research on how do people nowadays spend their days and nights and take interviews and photos and write down my thoughts and turn it into a book. i would really love to be able to do it.


Faboulista said...

i might have asked u this before but do u live in bucharest? is the gelateria in that " tiny city" u are reffering bucharest? if it is plss share its name with me. in the summer i will be needing lots of icenisss to get me through the hot romanian summers.

a dreamer. said...

mina, no, i live in the north of ro, but i'm sure there are plenty of nicer gelaterias in B, i saw many nice places rising up in the last period.