Wednesday, June 15, 2011

600 seconds

of serenity.

i'm thankful even for that. if in these frenzic times i still manage at 1 am to have my 600 seconds of peace, then i'm not insane yet. which is a positive thing, right?
but tonight i owe it all to Bach. his Flute Sonata makes me twinkle ballet steps in my head and maybe in the house, makes me dream of a big big white room with windows that just don't end, with a bit of wind shy steps around and a view to all the beauty in Paris.
i'm already there.

before leaving my imagination run wild, i stoled my mom's mint chocolate, Ritter is always a delight and captured it.
i still hope that untill i'll leave to 905504 streets, i'll have my baby camera between my fingers and get to make beautiful pictures.


colorsdiary said...

I should try your Bach piece as I m having again that insomnia period...
Are u getting a new camera?
I long as well for a Canon SLR but had no chance to buy it yet, hope one day i'll get one, for the moment i use a small sony.

a dreamer. said...

oh, canon is a bit too far, as it is much more expensive than nikon. i'm trying for centuries to convince my fam to help me buy a 3100 at least, cause all by myself i still can't afford :(
still i dream that after 2-3 years i'll have enough money to buy me a pro and make it big.
oh dreams.

what do you when insomnia comes?
i could really use some tips!

Anonymous said...

mint dark chocolate <3

colorsdiary said...

i do listen to music and try to read in order to get tired, but as i m mostly tired i have more trouble to sleep...

i had a period when i was drinking hot milk and it worked, well...not anymore

a dreamer. said...

usually when i'm sleepless i have a huge desire to run free on the streets and breath cold air and maybe take some pictures. but, again, usually, i'm alone and it hits me ugly to go out all by myself.

colorsdiary said...

i know how it feels :)