Friday, June 10, 2011

waiting for the midnight in paris

the movie and the reality too. but until the reality becomes... itself, i'm searching each day this movie and still nothing. i don't know if it will be a great movie, but i'm sure i'll have ma petite promenade on the streets of Paris while watching it.
i'm glad when i see and hear stories in which i live too for 1.30h. sometimes special connections do come true.


Anonymous said...

these are just lovely photos! so dreamy and i really like how you've put them as a story.

paris is one place i'm still dying to visit.

between, i found your blog through i am a new follower of yours here.


Anca said...

I'm also waiting more or less patiently for this movie, but I have to wait till August as that's when it will be released here in Germany.
I'm sure it will be a lovely movies, as it's a Woody Allen film. :)

colorsdiary said...

I can wait to see this movie, still did not found it.

I agree, Paris is magic by midnight :)

Faboulista said...

is this a new movie that is supposed to come out? i'm probably gonna watch it only for the beautiful scenery! which from the pics u r showing looks stunning.

G said...

din ce am citit despre el, e superb! a aparut abia acum o lună, iar să găseşti un torrent bun trebuie să mai aştepţi puţin.
abia aştept, m-ai făcut şi pe mine curioasă de prima oară când ai scris despre el. :d