Saturday, August 13, 2011

falling stars and racing hearts

tonight i wished many things would've happen, but they didn't. so i took myself outside the window and lightened up my night by watching the shooting stars and get dazed and amazed by 3 beautiful and breathtaking stars and also by a strange yet also pretty moon that had such an amber aura, that i tried to capture it somehow. pictures didn't turned out that great, but i am pleased and that's the important thing.
i'm gonna finish watching crazy stupid love, that i was also anxious to get and try to sleep.

ps: in the end i had 7 breathtaking moments up until 5 am and last night 1 more. all i dream now is a trip closer to the stars.


colorsdiary said...

i heard about this stars falling phenomenon happening until next week, it s fascinating, huh?

a dreamer. said...

yep, it's so beautiful and it happens so fast that you remain only with the "aaaah! omg!", but it makes you feel so pretty inside afterwards.