Monday, October 10, 2011


and vodka?

almost winter

last night i attended wood's fair here in the city and even if it was cold and raining i tried to take some photos so i could have a sort of memory proof. wish events like this could happen more often. wishy wish.
in the morning i took a look outside and guess what? the peaks were white. snow's here. no surprise after hearing about brasov at the news.
i was hoping autumn will last a bit longer, i wanted to take some amberish photos in the park these days, so fingers crossed the cold weather will take a nap until, uhm, december?
i will also start to write more, who knows what happens? it's better to have a glimpse of the past, good or bad, than to have nothing. i'm already thinking of different projects to help me with this wish.
now shower and more flickering.


colorsdiary said...

I like your plans of writing more often, it is good to keep trace of what you experience.

may inspiration be with you :)

Eva en Anna said...

Thanks for the comments dear. You've got an amazing blog! Great inspiration :-)!

Anna, Eva

Evan said...

Hello A Dreamer. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! your blog is VERY beautiful and .....dreamlike!!!! Your photography is stunning and it feels like a beautiful hazy look into your lovely life.
Thanks again

Evan said...
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a dreamer. said...

denise, i really hope so. cause these days melancholia is trying me hard.

a dreamer. said...

Eva en Anna, thank you.

a dreamer. said...

Evan, no need for words. your work deserves to be everywhere.