Monday, November 21, 2011

heart is so new to this

i don't mean to always show sad words, feelings.
but i just realised that today, monday, 21 november, marks, already, half an year since my bibi left me and never came back.
it seems such a long long time. gosh, how time does fly. this is probably one of the last pictures i took of her, we were lost, watching through the window.
even these days i enter the door and i'm used to wait for someone to come rushing from the bedroom.
right now my heart is the size of a flea and i know that by the time i get to publish all these words and pretty images i'm gonna be crying, but it's ok. she deserves it all.

this is for you, bibi. wherever you are.


Evan said...

this is my favourite image of yours yet a dreamr. the beautiful cat surrounded by very subtle hearts drifting around the room. Stunning!!!

colorsdiary said...

we're human and we suffer for all bits of soul that go and never come back.