Friday, January 20, 2012

i may be the type who manages to grab all the pointless things in life but lets the really important things slip away.

i'm awake but i'm asleep. it was 5.30 when my dad woke me up. i asked him to buy some pretty little things to try in making collars tips i dream of, since i couldn't find any cheap version of the metallic zara ones. i'm a bit obsessed with that.
yesterday i went to hand over a project for the management md and luckily i came with the car and had the chance to take a ride around shops and my heart and thoughts remained at a simple mint sweater i must, somehow, get, even if it's 30e and i don't actually have those money right now.
and of course, i always go like dazed and mesmerized to the perfumery area and i always perfume myself with my other obsession: miss dior cherie l'eau. i thought i got over it and i was suggesting to myself that it's too expensive for a jobless dreamer like me, but just when i felt it at my ankle arm i surrendered to it and knew my love for that beautiful scent didn't dissapeared. it's like old romance. but always fresh.
so all my way back home i kept smelling my arm and all i could think about is how to gather 70e to make it mine and enjoy it every single moment.
i also stopped by my friends, the doggies at the pet shop. i call them that way because i always return there and talk to them and make nosefinger contact and melt my heart of too much cuteness. it's somehow a bandage for my longing for bibi. 


why am i not sleeping at this hour like normal people do? i don't know. for some time i keep searching for pretty blogs, photography, inspirational people and writing and books and things and now my opera dial is full of them waiting to be flicked.
now i'm finishing reading madelene b's journal, lingering for those pretty dresses of her, paris and stockholm places, analog camera shots and exquisite chanel ballet flats that i hope to wear someday while wandering on streets.

oh, the dreams.

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