Sunday, January 1, 2012

love, peace, joy

right now there are millions of people raising glasses, kissing their dear or beloved ones, singing, jumping, dancing, yelling, giggling, hugging, laughing, working, calling, texting and wishing.
even if i love to make dreamy plans, i don't really like new year resolutions. it's always our ideal.
but right now, i'm probably looking at the fireworks and wishing... well, to get to be more peaceful and wiser inside and outside, to keep having my dear ones close, to finish my 2 masters programme and get to lost between the streets of Paris in spring.

P.S.  i am grateful to my dear ones, stranger or nonstranger ones, for being here, kind in their own way. i just hope to have them this year too and maybe even meet many other beautiful people.

cheers to 2012!


colorsdiary said...

May you have a New Year with love, peace and joy!

Murmu said...

So nice...I hope all your dreams to come true for 2012 kiss!

a dreamer. said...

denise, hopefully!
same there to you :*.

a dreamer. said...

let's hope for the best, Raluca!