Saturday, January 28, 2012

postcards from the heart

i am sooo good at ruining photos, i should win a prize.
i am extremely stressed out with all the projects and exams for both mds, that i am basically living in a constant foggy cloud these weeks. 
yet i allowed myself the other day to travel a bit and go with mom on a bit of vintage/sh hunting.
we bought daddy a tiny present for his up-coming birthday and i wanted to take prettier "normal" pictures on the streets, with the buildings, but it was so darn cold i gave up. 
the snow festival began in v.d. this weekend and i think it will last for 3 weekends, so i hope i'll catch at least one.
i am head over heels in love with mint green. actually i have this crush for about a year now, but it seems so hard to actually find things that aren't that expensive or my size. everysingleday i keep searching on fashiolista, wi or polyvore or local shops for mint thingies. crazy, right  ͝   ˰ ͝   .
and let's not forget snow patrol that's messing with my mind these days and makes my fragile heart dream more.


The Hearabouts said...

I am SO obsessed with mint green, it should be illegal :)) so I totally understand you. It is kind of hard to find minty items..they DO have them in H&M, but the prices are quite high.

Love the pink bike!


Anca said...

Actually, I like the blurry pic. A lot.

Good luck with all your projects + exams and don't forget to indulge yourself a bit.

Snow Patrol are, so love their music.

marul said...

putin neclare , dar merg .

a dreamer. said...

nu toata lumea face fotografii pe principiul "mersului".

colorsdiary said...

mie imi plac pozele :)

good luck cu proiectele!