Saturday, January 7, 2012

tulips on her heart

nothing compares with the peaceful sensation you get while taking a morning walk to buy beautiful tulips and make your bedroom air prettier. i felt so nice carrying the 4 bouquets of red, yellow and light pink fresh flowers, almost like in a slow motion, even people kept staring at me :).

happy anniversary to my dear dear grandpa

p.s. lately i'm in a noise film mood and trying to learn ps, so that's why all my pictures are less "professional".


The Hearabouts said...

So beautiful and delicate ❀
The noise is ok, it fits the mood of the photos :)


Hollow Bones said...

Flowers can make a room 10 times prettier ♥
I adore your photos!

Martoszka said...

in Flo store,
i think this shop is only in poland :<

leaca said...

beautiful. i love the grain too. sometimes you have to shoot how you want and who cares about rules. i find it is just what the soul needs sometimes. love the light in your photos....i am quite jealous of it actually.

Fabliha said...

those tulips are so beautiful