Saturday, February 25, 2012

bedroom folder


well, these are the pictures from my bedroom folder. and yes, i am a bit obsessed with white. since may, 21st, last year, i started to feel the need of a change in my room. since i moved in this ap in 2006 my world was a blue and pink one and really full of thingies all over. these days i think i couldn't bare more than 3 pieces of furniture in the room. since i still don't have enough money to complete my redecoration, i only have a bed and a rack for light clothing and my dear vintage boxes and books on the floor. oh, yes, and my white baldaquin, let's not forget it :). i am always mesmerized while browsing other girl's blogs on the home section. i'm not such a huge fan of minimalist home design, but i guess after that day i feel the need of a much more cleaner, pure and emptier space around me. that's why today i continued, painting the frames that someone made from wood in ashy white, since i'm so excited to place on my walls the two paintings i got from Vienna and a special drawing that sweet Evan made for me.

so i think it's all for the best. slow but pretty.

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