Monday, February 13, 2012

what is this self inside us, this silent observer, severe and speechless critic who can judge us still more severely for the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?

silent observer

i can't help but wonder these days:  why is it so hard to do something for ourselves, when without us being well there's nothing?
hope daddy will be better soon.
and many thank yous to talented Murmu who designed my (right)header.
spring, you must come right away and make things right and fresh and stay at least a year.
please, do so.

yours truly,
a dreamer.


Murmu said...

This is such a cool picture and you are so welcome for the drawing, anytime! I hope your daddy is better now. kiss

colorsdiary said...

I like the header :)

hope everything is ok with your daddy

a dreamer. said...

thank you girls.
yes, daddy is better now, but he's still in recovery. so i'm still waiting for the storm to pass.