Wednesday, February 29, 2012

may you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because i couldn't live a day without you


leap day

i was born in a leap year too. of course, not february. but still, is it that because of that i have another 6 days added to my existence? mm.
oh well, i'm happy that finally, today, my grandpa bought for me 3 little fragile bouquets of snowdrops. i have been waiting for them since january, i still can't believe they are alive, since here it's still snowing even more than on christmas day. so i guess it's a miracle of nature :).
also i'm happy that today, finally a lovely package of clothing and accessories arrived and my Lush review on has been published. it's short, but it shapes the essence and i'm glad i had the opportunity to feel like a mini-editor :).

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colorsdiary said...

I love the quote in the title, simply love it!