Monday, May 21, 2012

my kitten family

366 days.
to bibi

366 days since i lost bibi.
time allows you to get cured a bit, but never to forget.
and it all feels like it was yesterday.
i don't want to make a sad writing out of this, instead i want to be grateful that i now have another cat family keeping me company in the bedroom, a beautiful and delicately drawn giclée painting, courtesy of l'atelier de print, made by the talented veronica n. until i'll finish the redecoration, my cats are staying next to audrey hepburn, nina ricci and murakami. so i think they'll be fine with such exquisite company until we're done :).
i was actually thinking a while ago that i can't believe there are so many talented artists here, in this country, and i, myself, would wish i could be gifted with the possibility of translating to paper all my imagination, all my dreams.
i couldn't be more happy than to have the walls of my future white house covered with oana b's delicacy, madalina a's foxes, silviu a's collages or aitch's creatures.
so let's hope for a brighter future, right?


colorsdiary said...

yes, let s stay positive :)

a dreamer. said...

yes, i don't know if we can really make it, but we can try.

Hollow Bones said...

Oh they're all wonderful! Thanks for sharing; I eyed a few things I'd like to get :)
I hope we'll see a post about your room when it's finished!

a dreamer. said...

well if'll speak to me, of course.
i always have to have that sort of inspiring feeling coming to me to get the pictures done.