Wednesday, May 2, 2012

youth novels

youth novels.

pretty little flowers collected from the fields around the woods i've started to walk again. nowadays if i don't have any flowers around my room or at least in the house i feel like something's missing, there is an empty space.
also i've bought these ballet flats that for me speak as classics, that can go with almost any outfit and i'm glad i found them because they don't have a proper heel but they have this sort of elegant allure, which is great for me since i don't really own a pair of "serious" shoes, wierd, i know. did anybody understood what i tried to say here?
anyway, ah, yes, i should also mention that they cost me 3,5 euros at new yorker? oh, how i love being lucky on unknown sales. we all love it, right?
can't wait to wear them more often, i only got to wear them once, when i had my interview with the h&m team a while ago. maybe i wasn't that lucky because they were new yorker flats and not h&m ones? :)

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Anonymous said...

I want to have those flats. They are so lovely!