Thursday, October 18, 2012

with grace in my heart and flowers in my hair

beautiful flowers i just bought for two most important women in my life. and they smell so so pretty, so naturelle.
yes, i can't get out of the house without my dark brownish ysl eyeshadow and black eyeliner. and hate it if you want, i love unretouched blurry pictures.
tonight i'm going to pick-up mom from the train station, she's coming back from job duties in brasov and predeal and we're gonna surprise my grandpas.
i am starting to wish i could write or chat with different persons around the world more, as in online, but i guess it's pretty hard to find the right connections.


Dixx said...

your hair is so pretty!! the flowers as well.

celine said...

you haven't tried it with me :) x

Dixx said...

you've been nominated here :)

C.Laïka said...

the flower-photo is beautiful.