Friday, November 23, 2012

autumn II

this is the second set of photos i took some days ago.
i'm actually glad autumn's still here, i think it's been a while since we actually had a third season, without jumping from late summer to winter. sometimes i wish i had the most amazing lenses to be able to capture with my eyes all the colours and different shapes and forms that this season creates around here, between the trees and the places around this tiny city.
also lately i've been feeling very wierd, a bit lost, maybe more, i don't know, feeling like everyone else has a meaning and a purpose in their life, a job, friends, a life and i'm just wasting free time on watching movies and tv shows, searching for inspirational people, blogs and photos, tumblr-ing, taking personal photos, eating, taking late night walks, watching tv with mom, grandpa, grandma and bubu, dreaming of paris and feeling like it just isn't ment to be, lusting over cos perfect dresses, charlotte olympia shoes, bouclé sweaters, wolf's determination, sending cvs and e-mails for jobs or internships from whom i never get a reply (internships are unpaid, why can't i get it?). yes, complaining won't help me, but this is my personal space and i think i am entitled to write my heart out here.


Dixx said...

it's like you read my heart and expressed it better than I could..

The Hearabouts said...

You shouldn't feel lost, don't forget that people's lives are not actually how they make them seem (online or off). I tell myself that, when I feel the same way that you do. And I don't think there's anything wrong with your activities, you should enjoy every moment ^_^

Good things come to those who wait, you'll see!


Ileana said...

Great pics! Love the effect on them :)