Tuesday, November 27, 2012

november comes and november goes, along with my dreams, my fears and the first white snow

i can't believe it's almost december. gosh, time flies so fast.
i'm lusting for so many sweaters and shoes and bags and colours and magazines and places and spaces and none of them are looking bright or closer to me now :(.
these two oversized sweaters were bought on sale some time ago from sprider store, 7e each and some cosy high knee socks, i love their motif with the white flower.
i also read lula play, with really inspiring people and stories about their daily motivation and activity, each with their own talent.
and of course i had to buy this oh-so-sweet rosey headband from h&m. it's very me:). and yes, i'm still sad i didn't had the chance to buy myself the martin margiela hair necklace, it was pretty much the only thing i could've afford from the collection, but it was way too far and long the road to the nearest store, 500km away.


Ileana said...

I have never read Lula play! Will have to check it out :D
Love the headband ^^



Dixx said...

sometimes I check your blog just to play with the mouse around. :d
those socks are so pretty. I'm in the same situation as you are, so many pretty sweaters, shoes and things..

tia-ny said...


I want to tell you, that love your blog!Very mysterious...

How can I order Lula mag please?