Wednesday, December 12, 2012


i'm still sick and it makes me tired all the time, so i barely move around the apartment. 
it sucks, i know.
through this all, i was thinking of posting inspirational photos daily, as my eyes meet so so many beautiful photos and i would really want to change the melancholic mood around here, which is pretty boring most of the times, i am aware, but i'm not that sure.
any thoughts, (if)out there, guys and gals?
also, these 2 products are among my besties, they are affordable + smell so so pretty, yumm.


Carina said...

I love inspiring everyday posts. It's learn to appreciate the small things in life (which I cherish the most)

xx Carina

Dixx said...

is anything but boring. you should post inspirational posts, but don't forget to post your own too, they're lovely.:)

I have the gliss in black. what's the second product? couldn't read..

Dixx said...

by the way, how come the change of the name/title?

raluca marie wolfski said...

D, i feel extremely empowered and i find myself in the video and the meaning behind the lyrics of the She wolf song.
it's stucked into my head and mind and i don't think it will leave that soon.
i'm a bit undecisive, i know.

Barbara said...

i hope you feel better soon!! looking forward seeing your pictures!