Monday, December 31, 2012

she continues to create a world entirely of her own

this is our second day, actually afternoon spent in vienna, re-feeling again the burst of inspiration from so many beautiful rushed people, so many old but well cared buildings and streets, so many fashionable places and cafes and an air that can't be translated into my humble photos taken with a nikon d3100 but that look like taken with an old camera.
there you can trully feel like it's impossible not to do something, not to burn on the inside. i don't know, it's a sweet overwhelming pleasure :).
now, as i'm typing from just a few hours before 2012 is gone, even writing it sounds awkward, i can't help but think again of all the things people say on facebook or at tv's or on the streets, how they unconsciously admit to leave behind days that will unfortunately never return, that they are preparing so fancy for a night that will seem just like another night on the outside, but we make it a big deal on the inside. that is a scarry thing for me, some people say it's overdramatizing, some take it seriously. i don't like making resolutios, cause i know that all sort of circumstances may appear on the path and change the direction of all things, but while i was in the shower today, i was actually thinking there are 5 big dreams or wishes i have for the next year, wishes that actually i'll have for the next years: become and stay healthy, have my dear ones by my side, move or at least travel to paris (aaaaall people around the universe must know by now how much i've been mushing and crying and wishing over paris:) ), get a job that i enjoy at least 50% (that's a lot to ask too, i know) and grow big, learn and get a new camera/lenses for my photography.
i won't get started now with typing that i wish you x and y and z and be all cutsy and wiiiiii:), i know that the people who do well and stay beautiful inside will definitely make their dreams come true, no matter the year.

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