Monday, January 7, 2013

excerpts from the past year

where's christmas?
darn. i can't believe holidays are over, i feel so wierd when everything's back to normal and people return to their usual cynical selfs. i'm being too honest here. but i still have my lights around the apartment and i won't let go. not yet.
i bought and received some goodies over the last month of the year, from my trip to vienna, budapest and bratislava and from dear persons in my life. these goodies here are from the talented queen miss b. i always envy her way of wrapping the presents and she always makes sure to insert jewelry made by her own hands.
these days i've been thinking a lot, and thinking, and re-thinking and i know i need to make changes, big changes. on personal note, we'll see what happens, on virtual note, i'll try to keep my word and make inspirational boards with the things that get to my heart. i hope they will also help me visually grow.


Dixx said...

is that a bracelet or a necklace?
it's lovely anyway.

Murmu said...

Good luck with the big changes. I need them also :*

Anonymous said...

what lovely things! miss b is the best :)

Barbara said...

happy new year! i loved your last photos!

Domnisoara Babacilu said...

@Dixx A bracelet : )

Thank you for sharing the goodies, I hope you like them and wear them often :)


Carina said...

I was wondering where christmas went as family unfortunately decided to let our decorations and lights down. Despite me wanting to hold on a little longer.

You definitely have some lovely new goodies, I adore the hair clips especially.

Best of luck with your changes

xx Carina