Saturday, January 12, 2013

sad and beautiful

Bratislava was our last destination and yes, the weather wasn't exactly our best friend, but it was like a sort of mystical tale, foggy streets and sights everywhere, old buildings, meanings and all sort of people, ok, most of the times we were in china and japan (80% of people were from there), landscapes that remind me of cluj and sighisoara and a pretty romantic view from the castle up on the hill where you could just sit and be amazed by the view of the town from up above. oh, yes, and please let's not forget here you can spend your entire salary on candies, cakes, fountains and all shapes and colours of chocolate ♥. and yes, i know the last picture seems a random train set, but i always enjoy taking pictures when there's nobody and i always get lost within the background staring at the window or at the monitor, seeing that these seats came from all over warsaw and imagine in my head all sorts of stories like movie scenes.

the title of this post has nothing to do with the photographs, it's actually the name of the clothing brand of the mint pants i wear as i'm typing these letters.


Raluca-Mihaela Ungureanu said...

You're such a romantic woman..
I love all of your texts, photos..everything!
It's pure pleasure to read you and see your tumblr account.


Murmu said...

what a lovely pictures, I didn't had the occasion to visit Bratislava despite the fact that I was near it but I know that it will be in the future. nice background ;)

Hollow Bones said...

I absolutely adore your photos!

Jessica lala said...

Beautiful photos!

Bo3mia said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always!
And Bratislava seems really lovely..I actually love cites like that in winter time, just when everything is frozen and silent..